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Key to 3G Success: Content
A seesaw battle between subscription-based and advertising-supported content ...

Wireless Marketing Platform Debuts
M-Qube's new mobile marketing platform will ...

Pocket PC doesn't make security grade
Microsoft Corp.'s Pocket PC 2002 software does not address critical security issues ...

In Search of the Killer Wireless App
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3G dismissed as 'too little, too soon'
The technology behind third-generation (3G) mobile phones is just not good enough ...

The new Nokia 3650
The next generation of smartphones need to be able to deliver compelling ...

Asia Drives Toward 3G
GSA - the Global mobile Suppliers Association - published its Q3 2002 Mobile Portals Survey ...

Alcatel targeting South East Asian opportunities
French telecoms equipment maker Alcatel said on Thursday it saw bright growth prospects ...

Alcatel opens 3G center in Malaysia
Alcatel has opened another of its 3G Reality Centres in Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur ...

Playing cell phone games on aircraft leads to jail
A British man has been jailed for four months ...

********************** Mobile Edition **********************
  Handheld Application

Seremban Map - Mapopolis
Version 1.0

Keep an interactive map handy while travelling around Seremban.

System Requirements
Palm Handheld Computer
WinCE / PocketPC Handheld Computer

Download Files
Mapopolis 4.5 (for Palm) or Mapopolis 3.07 (for WinCE)
Seremban Map:
[ Palm version | Pocket PC version ]


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