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Cape Rachado Lighthouse
 / Cape Rachado Lighthouse or Rumah Api Tanjung Tuan is the country's oldest lighthouse, originally built by the Portuguese in the 16th century.
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Kota Lukut
 / This is the most important fort in Lukut while it was a mining centre in the late 1820s. It is a perfect example of an impressive defense system during the 19th century.
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Istana Lama Sri Menanti
The Istana Lama Sri Menanti was until 1931, the official residence of the Young DiPertua Besar, the state ruler and this elegant Minangkabau-style architecture 32 Km east of Seremban is a popular stop for tourist. Made entirely of wood, the palace's main attractions include beautiful intricate carvings bearing varied local motifs.

  List of Socio-Cultural and Traditions

1.    Astana Raja Melewar (Muzium Rembau)  
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This two storey museum building, formerly the official residence of the Undang (Chieftain) of Rembau, now houses a significant collection records and regalia of dignitaries.

2.    Gemas Railway Station
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Located in a small town called Gemas, this station, built in 1922 is functional till today.

3.    Negeri Sembilan Museum & Crafts and Culture Complex
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Officially opened on July 8th 1986, this 2.4ha complex is an arts and culture complex which houses the State Museum (previously the Istana Ampang Tinggi), Teratak Perpatih, the Minangkabau House and other attractions.

4.    Handicraft Centre
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This handicraft centre is a branch of the Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation mainly producing bamboo, rattan and glass based handicrafts.

5.    Kampong Pelegong Homestay  
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Here, you are able to enjoy the warm hospitality of your host family and be a part of the local household by joining them in their daily activities.

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